UUM Convocation Ceremony Undergraduate Postgraduate

The Convocation is an important ceremony and is meaningful to all graduates. As graduates are asked to give your utmost cooperation to the running of the ceremony. The following are some particulars that must be adhered to by all graduates for the success of the convocation.

Convocation Guide

GraduatesIt is compulsory for graduates to don the proper convocation dress prepared by the university according to the conventions set forth:
  1. The cape has to placed squarely on both shoulders
  2. The tassel is to hang on the left side of the hat.

Long-sleeved light coloured collared shirts ( no designs and no strips); and Dark coloured coat/blazer
A necktie well suited with the dressing. 
Dark  coloured slacks (jeans are not allowed). 
Dark coloured socks/stockings 
Dark coloured shoes (slippers/sports shoes/sandals are not allowed). 
Should be short, tidy and should not go beyond the collar of the shirt.

  1. Light coloured Dress(Baju Kurung); or
  2. Long dress; or
  3. Loose blouse; and
  4. The dress should cover the neck in the back and front
Other clothing
  1. Any other clothing must cover the leg until the ankles and should not have splits on the right, left, front or back; or
  2. The skirt must exceed the ankles and be presentable.
Lounge suit
  1. The dress must be long and light coloured (no designs and no strips)
  2. Dark coloured coat/blazer; and
  3. The trousers should exceed the ankle and should be loose
  1. Dark coloured shoes covering well the legs in the front and back
  2. The heels should not exceed 1.5 inches.
  1. The hair should look neat;
  2. For those with long hair, the hair  must be  neatly tied; and those
  3. With head gear (tudung), the shawls should preferably be light coloured and well suited with the academic dress.
REMINDERGraduates will be PROHIBITED /STOPPED by the marshal from witnessing the investiture of the scrolls if their dress does not conform to the dress code. 

Convocation Robe

The Convocation robe for bachelor graduates is blue in colour and contains a gold lining at the hands. The robe is worn with a hat and a cape. The cape  for  bachelor degrees has a lining and this lining differs with the programes as shown in sub-section

Convocation Fees

1. The convocation fees is inclusive of all the arrears a student has incurred (if there is) based on the records with the Bursary of UUM. Please review your total convocation fees through Convocation Review or Student Portal.
2. Please pay at any branch of BIMB before coming to UUM and keep a copy of remittance slip to be shown to the official in charge of the convocation robes, at Tan Sri Osman Yeop Hall (DTSO),UUM. Payment shall be made starting on October 29, 2010 (Thursday) at any Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) Branch. The method of payment available are ;
Method Of Payment
Any Branch of BIMB 
Completing the Bill Payment slip with this information such as Name, IC No., Pay To: UUM, Purpose: Convocation Fees and Amount Fee (RM). 
Transfer by BIMB ATM
Select Others --> Bill Payment -> IPT Fee -> Payee Account -> Enter IC No. -> Select Bill (Konvo)-> Enter Amount & Comfirm -> Take Receipt. Retain receipt for proof of payment.

E-Com (Via Internet)
Payment By Credit card (Visa & Master Card) can be made through online by surfing UUM website www.uum.edu.my and click on “e-com” and follow instruction. Please select “Student Payment” and mentioned your purpose payment.

3. Every Bachelor Degree Graduate, whether attending or not attending the convocation ceremony, has to pay the convocation fees of One Hundred Ringgit Malaysia (RM100.00).
4. A Graduate who had applied for a postponement, with valid reasons, of his or her convocation and has been granted one, in writing, by the Director of Students' Affairs Department is compelled to pay for both the convocation he or she has been invited to originally and the convocation he or she subsequently attends.
5. A graduate who is in arrears with UUM (up till the date of the convocation and beyond):
i. WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to attend any convocation until he or she settles the arrears with UUM on or before the date of the robe collection.
ii. WILL NOT BE GIVEN his or her Academic Transcript and the bestowed degree until the arrears have been settled.

UUM Accommodation

For graduates with families and need temporary accommodation, contact the following numbers:
University Inn (UUM Sintok Campus)-04-9244545/04-9232208/04-9284192
Hotel EDC, UUM-04-9288888
Taman Siswa UUM (Bandar Darul Aman, Jitra)-04-9184107/04-9171988
Bustani Hotel, Jitra-04-9177777
Hotel Regency (Alor Star)-04-7313333
Hotel Seri Malaysia (Alor Star)-04-7308737
Hotel Holiday Villa (Alor Star)-04-7349999
Hotel Sentosa Regency (Alor Star)-04-7303999
Zen Hotel Sdn Bhd (Alor Star)-04-7775555
Hotel Putra Palace (Kangar, Perlis)-04-9767755

Tracer Study


The Graduates’ Tracer Study System form, Ministry of Higher Education  can be obtained through:http://graduat.mohe.gov.my

Please fill in the analysis form as follows:
1.       Click “LOGIN “ at the Graduates’ Guide Menu 
2.       Enter Identity Card Number
3.       Choose your institution > IPTA < > UUM <
4.       Enter the code as shown by the image( words and numbers) shown.
5.       Click “Continue”.
6.       Answer all the questions as directed
7.       Sign off “keep and continue” (at the end of the last question).
8.       Continue as directed.
9.       Print the slip after completing all the questions.
10.    Keep the slip as PROOF, when asked for, on the convocation robe collection date.

Problems, regarding the completion of The Graduates’ Tracer Study System form,  Ministry of Higher Education, should be directed to En. Muhammad Hafiz Mohd Ghazali, an official of UTLC at 04-9284055.

The Graduates’ Tracer Study System form must be completed before any prospective graduate is allowed to collect his or her robe.


Borang Soal Selidik Kajian Pengesanan Graduat, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia yang boleh dicapai melalui laman web berikut: http://graduat.mohe.gov.my

Sila isi borang soal selidik dengan mengikuti langkah seperti berikut:                           
1.       Klik “LOG MASUK“ pada menu Panduan Graduat 
2.       Masukkan No. Kad Pengenalan
3.       Pilih Institusi > IPTA < > UUM <
4.       Masukkan kod seperti imej (huruf dan angka) yang tertera.
5.       Klik “Seterusnya”.
6.       Jawab semua soalan mengikut arahan.
7.       Tanda pada “Simpan dan teruskan” (bawah sekali di akhir soalan).
8.       Ikut arahan seterusnya.
9.       Cetak slip setelah selesai lengkapkan semua soalan.
10.    Simpan slip sebagai BUKTI untuk ditunjukkan pada hari pengambilan jubah konvokesyen

Sebarang masalah untuk mengisi borang soal selidik Kajian Pengesanan Graduat  Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, sila hubungi Pegawai UTLC iaitu En.    Muhammad Hafiz Mohd Ghazali di talian 04-9284055.

Setiap bakal graduan WAJIB mengisi borang Kajian Pengesanan Graduan sebelum dibenarkan mengambil jubah.

Lists of UUM Postgraduate

1Master of Business Administration (Technology Management)
2Postgraduate Diploma in Correctional Science
3Master in Applied Linguistics
4Master of Arts (Contemporary Malay Language Studies)
5Master of Arts (Communication)
6Master of Economics
7Master of Education
8Master of Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Management)
9Master of Science (Occupational Safety and Health Management)
10Master of Science (Educational Management)
11Master of Science (Information & Communication Technology)
12Master of Science (Technopreneurship)
13Master of Science (Decision Science)
14Master of Science (Intelligent System)
15Master of Science (Information Technology)
16Master of Science (Managerial Communication)
17Master of Science (Counseling)
18Master of Science (Management)
19Master of Business Administration (Accounting)
20Master of Science (International Accounting)
21Master of Science (Banking)
22Master of Science (Finance)
23Master of Human Resource Management
24Master of Business Administration
25Master of Business Administration (Finance)
26Master of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management)
27Master of Business Administration (Project Management)
28Master of Science (Operation Management)
29Master of Science (International Business)
30Master of Science (Management Accounting and Planning)
31Master of Art (Political Science)
32Master of Science (Strategic Studies)
33Master of Public Management
34Master of Commercial Law
35Doctor of Business Administration
36Doctor of Philosophy

Lists of UUM Undergraduate

1Bachelor of Communication (Hons)
2Bachelor of Marketing (Hons)
3Bachelor of Public Management (Hons)
4Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
5Bachelor of Education (Hons)
6Bachelor of Economics (Hons)
7Bachelor of Counseling (Hons)
8Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Hons)
9Bachelor of Finance (Hons)
10Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons)
11Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)
12Bachelor of Operations Management (Hons)
13Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons)
14Bachelor of Development Management (Hons)
15Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics & Transportation) (Hons)
16Bachelor of International Business Management (Hons)
17Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance (Hons)
18Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Hons)
19Bachelor of Technology Management (Hons)
20Bachelor of Muamalat Administration (Hons)
21Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)
22Bachelor of Accounting (Information System) (Hons)
23Bachelor of Decision Science (Hons)
24Bachelor of Banking (Hons)
25Bachelor of Sciences Agribusiness Management (Hons)
26Bachelor of Industrial Statistics (Hons)
27Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)
28Bachelor of Media Technology (Hons)
29Bachelor of Law (Hons)
30Diploma in Education
31Bachelor of Business Mathematics (Hons)

UUM Convocation Ceremony Undergraduate Postgraduate

Contact & Information About Convocation Ceremony

Any questions please contact the following:
For PostgraduateMdm. Azian Nafiah
Principle Assistant Director
Graduate Study Unit
Academic Affairs Department
Universiti Utara Malaysia
06010 Sintok
Kedah Darul Aman.
Tel: 604-928 3157/3105/4366
e-mail: aziann@uum.edu.my
 For UndergraduateMr. Salehuddin Salim
Deputy Director
Lectures, Logistic & Convocation Unit
Academic Affairs Department
Universiti Utara Malaysia
06010 Sintok
Kedah Darul Aman.
Tel : 04-09283172/3111/3113
Fax : 04-9283109

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Pertanyaan dan maklumat lanjut sila hubungi:talian 07-553 0464 (UTM) / 06-331 6165 (UTeM) / 06-798 8043 (USIM).

 Reference: UUM Convocation Ceremony for Undergraduate and Postgraduate.